Brief History of School

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Brief History of the School
Qing Shui High School is a brand-new, quality community school with spacious and beautiful campus environment.
This school was established as a junior high school of Taipei County in 1990; at that time there were only 10 classes and about 400 students. Because the school excelled in its academic performances, there was a rapid increase in the number of students.
1996, the school was elevated to be a comprehensive Junior-Senior High School, high school sector was then established.
1997, We actively planned and built the library, the Science Building , the multi-functional gymnasium, and the warm water natatorium.
1999, the school renamed itself as “Taipei County Qing Shui High School”.
2010, the school was promoted and renamed as “New Taipei Municipal Qing Shui High School”. Up to date, there are 82 classes in the junior high sector and 28 classes in the senior high sector. Qing Shui High School, being the best community high school, its future plan is to expend to 39 senior high classes and established 3 classes in the affiliated Night School.
2013, Chung, Yun-Ying was elected as the 7th Principal. Her ideas for running a quality community high school are to develop a school culture that is based upon honesty, trust, modesty and diligence; to create friendly and harmonize school atmosphere; to converge students through motivational learning to nature individual student’s uniqueness.