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Creating a Beautiful Life of Noble Character and Exceptional Taste.
I was born in rustic countryside Houbi Township, Tainan County. When my father was young, he moved to Taiwan with the Republic of China government and started at his teaching at the Houbi elementary school. Shortly after, he met and married my mother and decided to settle down at Houbi Township. Residents at Houbi Township live a simple lifestyle, they have great admiration and respect for the noble works of the teachers, in their ability to instruct and provide guidance to students in solving problems. This inspired me to weave a magnificent dream that in the future I can be a constructive and influential teacher.
After graduating from the Teacher Training College, l was assigned to the Chong Kong Elementary of Xin Zhuang City. Teachers and students grows together, I realized to be specialist in education, one must press for growth through continuous education for self-enrichment. Therefore, I hope I can improve the thought models, construct a systematical thinking, to go beyond myself. That's why I decided to apply for the admission of the music department of the National Taiwan Normal University.
I have taught in the elementary, middle and high school for 29 years, yet I still persisted and ensured the original intention that education work must be a long-term commitment with a professional spirit, for opportunities to serve to be contented with living a simple virtuous lifestyle, a leader that sets the example, and lays the foundation for the nation. After holding the part-time administrative duties (Director of educational affairs division of affiliated night school, Director of department of Counseling, library Director, Director of educational affairs department) and later became acting principal, which alerted me that the field of education is a big responsibility. Education is the best at developing our children’s hidden potential. In most cases, teachers play the most important role in the lives of their students. Because of it, I am apprehensive and cautious at all times, as if on the brink of a deep abyss, as if treading on thin ice. Because of the need to conform to e-trend, I applied to the Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies of National Taiwan Normal University and studied during the summer vacation. After graduating from the National Taiwan Normal University, to pursue further education, I am currently taking my PhD courses at the National Taipei University of Education Department of Educational Management.
With anticipation in era of knowledge economy, I hope I can not only inspire personal career development but also contribute individual greatest efficiency in this noble, educational and administrative work via continuous enrichment and brainstorming.
 Own Personalities:
    As the eldest daughter in the family, my parents set higher expectation on me, which became my driving force. Having a strong mind it empowers me to seriously work hard and enables me to reach the goal. The following are my personalities and I would like to share them with you all.
(1) Firm and indomitable administrative ethics:
I firmly believe loyalty should be an essential characteristic of teachers and administrators. Take it upon myself to give my very best when the commanding officer assigns me duties or tasks.
(2) The outstanding ability and energy for research:
     From 1990, I participate in establishing the curriculum standard of the affiliated night school. I proactively submitted applications in many projects, researched and analyzed the projects and collaborated the researches with the colleagues of the New Taipei Municipal San Min High School. Through these experiences, teachers in the New Taipei Municipal San Min High School formed an efficient research team, which some became researchers. When working at the New Taipei Municipal Jin-Shan High School, I promoted innovational programs that molded the school into a learning-oriented school.
(3) The extraordinary creative thinking:
    Innovation is the driving force of group progression. I propose exceptional and innovated ideas to make the organization march toward more remarkable realm.
(4) The surpassing and insightful thinking:
    “A stitch in time saves nine”; “ The exquisite perception is the best way to prevent it”; “Prevention is better than cure”,; “I can minimize the major problems and turn to minor ones into nothing”.
(5) The ability for diverse integration:
    A leader must have perceptive ability, therefore I am always attentive to the overall situation. I had the honor to accept the directions of many officers and principals, which cultivate the macroscopic manner, as a leader, I must have the multi-organizational ability.
(6) To set an example and share the professionalism
    In the Graduate Institute, I majored in “Library and Information”.
In the time of knowledge economy, everyone should put in their efforts and give their best to transform and utilize their valuable knowledge through innovative thinking. I proposed research and share with others as means in order to contribute to society.
Because of the believes described above, I usually set an example to study with colleagues, and I also issue and share the achievements of research accomplishments from county and nationwide activities.
(7) Friendly and harmonize friendship:
    Deming's theory and the wild goose theory recommend that the team work is the motivational power of organization progressive. I am contented with the opportunity to work with so many exceptional partners during the almost 30 years of teaching career. In many school, there are a lot of happy fools like me who are willing to devote themselves just for the unity, peace, and progress of the organization. I am really thankful for having so many respectable partners to work with!
 My educational expectations:
1. To develop a school culture that is based upon health and high quality;
2. To create a friendly and harmonize school atmosphere;
3. To converge students through motivational learning to nurture individual student’s uniqueness.